Smarti9 Communications

The Smarti9 Ltd. is a spinoff that develops innovative and reliable solutions, working mainly with systems Power Line Communication (PLC) with high reliability to smart grid communications and internet of things. The company is the result of experience and know-how acquired by the cofounders over the last twelve years in the business of research and development for the telecommunications sector. They instituted the unique specialized laboratory for Research, Development and Innovation related to PLC technology in Latin America at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora.

With the possibility of manufacturing systems developed in the laboratory, the cofounders founded Smarti9 on 11.28.2012 and the company is currently incubated at CRITT (Regional Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer), at Federal University of Juiz de Fora, which offers infrastructure and support services for business development.

Mission, Vision and Values


Develop innovative and high technological value solutions to telecommunications sistems which are sustainable and high reliability and performance.


Achieve excellence in the development and commercialization of innovative systems of TCOM to smart grids and internet of things, with a solid management and a high performance team.


Do different don’t means do wrong. In fact, most of the products and services found today are different and this was only possible through paradigm breaks. Therefore, innovation is present in our everyday and we believe in its potential for sustainable development of society.

Collaborate and work in synergy, always allied with ethics and best technical and intellectual skills, enables us to have a team of high level and extremely committed to the future vision of the enterprise.

Develop durable solutions that promote positive impact on reducing energy and environmental resources symbolizes our commitment to future generations.

Generate more results with fewer resources and achieve pre-established objectives in the shortest time possible is part of the ideal of Smarti9 for growth and improvement their solutions.