Project Description

The i9Híbrido is a solution to the communication between data processed by the smart meter and the electricity distributors. The modem has a hybrid system of communication that uses the power grid, called PLC (power line communication) system and the wireless.

Reliable System

The i9Híbrido do a combination of wired and wireless means to realize data communication. Thus, if a mean is not operating optimally, the i9Híbrido identifies this failure and uses a combination of means to intensify the reliability of the transmitted information.

Cooperative Communication

The information is transmitted in a cooperative manner, all devices become repeaters of information and reach a device/user, to increase network coverage.

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Enables the dentification of losses

The i9Híbrido to enable remote analysis of the electric grid, identifies consumption not measured, measurement deviations from fraud or theft, possible network failures, among other factors, which reduces costs with technical and non-technical losses.

Increases network availability

The technology has a five nines reliability, which means that the power grid is available for 99.999% of the time or the network is unavailable only 0.09 hours per year which represents a significant increase in the availability of electric grid, which is now 99.9% on average (8.76 hours of downtime per year).


Using a single protocol

Only a single protocol is used in i9Híbrido both for PLC communication as for wireless communication, which reduces power consumption of the device. The protocol used is compatible with the protocol used by the smart meters used in the market.


The i9Híbrido chipset can be upgraded in the field, which allows the Smarti9 upgrade the technology efficiently, without the need for switching devices.


All in one hardware!

In i9Híbrido all these features are centered on a single hardware, and technology use only one channel for transmitting and receiving data through both the media data is innovative and developed by Smarti9.